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"The Hourglass" is the fifth (final) part of the novel-sequence "The Argaman Quintet". The other books in the pentalogy are "The Flaming Sword", "A Little Oil & Root", "The Chronicle of the Kingdom of Alphalia" and "Going to the Wall". The full set of books is currently being prepared for publication.

To read and listen to excerpts from "The Hourglass", simply click any of the links below. The pieces are listed in the order in which they appear in the full book, but the reader should be aware that they are excerpts from a novel, and not (with one or two exceptions) stand-alone poems. Each link comes with an internal link to the audio recital; so go to the page first, then go to the audio. The audio recitals can also be found at YouTube - just call up Argaman1000 and you will find them there.

The Song of the Jealous Ones
Song of the Beating Pulse
Yehudah ha Nachri Canto 1
Song of the Alchemist-Apothecary (1)
Song of the Alchemist-Apothecary (2)
First Genesis
Song Of My Birth
Song of the Autodidact
Genius Loci
A Song of Adam
Second Genesis
Song at Colonus
Song at Luz
Song at Charan
Song at the Styx
The Journey from Charan
The Lay of Ayishah 1
The Lay of Ayishah 2
The Lay of Ayishah 3
The Lay of Ayishah 4
The Lay of Ayishah 5
The Lay of Ayishah 6
The Lay of Ayishah 7
A Psalm of Perfect Faith
The Song of the Zealot
The Song of Matathias
In Memoriam
In a small village...
Everything ended…
Before we ever came…
Though you have walked…
The Song of Shichrer, Canto III
A Song at Korazim
Song at the Mandelbaum Gate
Unfinished Song
Song for Flavius Josephus
Song at the Threshold
Song of Departure
Song at Machpelah
The Lay of the Swallow
I wrestled hard for many years (2)
Song at the Approach of Dawn
The Mirror and the Mask
The Last Confession…
The Song of the Pomegranate-Eater 1
The Song of the Pomegranate-Eater 2

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