Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcome To My World

Originally a poem that became the title poem of a collection (Welcome To My World, TheArgamanPress 2013), it struck me one day while strumming aimlessly on the guitar, that it could work as a song too.

Listen to it here

Welcome To My World

Welcome to my world,
it’s made of light seeping through darkness,
where failure is acknowledged, but with nothing to repent.
Where zero is both nothing
and perfection of the starkness,
and destiny is self-owned although life is only lent.

In the beating of the pulse
and the potentials of the mind,
the exaltation of the spirit of the whole of humankind,
it seeks the highest virtue
while other men are swine before your pearls.
Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world,
it’s made of love born out of hating;
with the charcoal from the fire it draws conclusions made of ash.
The ruins of your dreams become
the tools for generating
the fleshy scar-tissue that heals the bloody gash.

If I knew where true love came from,
if that door revealed a crack,
I would volunteer to go, and I would go and not come back.
You who sit there dreaming
of another pretty girl,
Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world,
it’s a temple of the spirit,
where God lives on in exile though the world is sure he’s dead;
where your thoughts are free in private,
you don’t need a speaking permit
from the democratic tyrants who don’t heed a word you’ve said.

Here we laugh through all your sermons
and we cry through all your jokes,
and no one pays attention to the Rabbis or the Popes.
When the tongues of fire are speaking
and the visions are ecstatically unfurled,
Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world,
it’s full of tears but also laughter,
It resides in what is now, it’s not concerned with what comes next.
It yearns to hear of grace
both before the meal and after,
and it seeks illumination, though it’s thoroughly perplexed.

When they write my epitaph,
let them praise one thing about me,
that he knew not where the road led, but still dauntlessly he went;
When the wire is barbed and bloody
and the sharpest stones are mercilessly hurled,
Welcome to my world.

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker
All rights reserved
The Argaman Press

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