Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Song of Departure

"Homage to Valeriya Kutsan" 
© 2016 David Prashker
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I close my eyes
     and sink into the heart of the invisible
I lay a sheet across the glass
     and know that I am One
I tell myself:
     you are not lost because you travel
          only God does not travel
I tell myself:
     to cry
          or plead
               is already to create
for the tear transforms the silence
     and the plea echoes beyond one’s own nothingness

And I would do the same things
     even if there were no God
          to offer me free will

I would damn myself
     even if there were no Hell

And these words
   would still be carved upon the granite
      would still be carved upon the marble
         would still be carved...


   In the cold evening of late winter
      I juggle with the ciphers
   until the darkness
      at last relinquishes your name

Take your pleasures slowly
     drop by drop
          the way the puritans do
Drink from each cup only once
Accept nothing -
               all may be false
Deny nothing -
          all may be true
Do not fear death
Do not expect to hear from me again

Know that
     a year from now
in the cold evening of late winter
          when the hourglass has turned full circle
I will juggle with the ciphers once again
     but the darkness
          may no longer relinquish your name.

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