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My songs are divided into three groups, the satires (Satiricon), the songs for my never-completed rock opera "Last Year In Jerusalem", and the regular songs, which are listed here. Why "Amethyst"? Because I had a band once, which we called "Amethyst", and if I ever form a band again, that will be its name.

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Welcome To My World
Too Old To Be A Popstar
The Ghost of Love
Spearhead (original folksy version )
Spearhead (bluesy version)
Brothers in Babylon
Goddess of the Hearth
Brave New World
Beyond The Wasteland
The Dark Side of the Light 
Our Lady of Love
One More Night
Never Mind The Thorns
It Ain't Easy
On Civvy Street
I'll Keep You Warm Tonight
Another One Night Stand
Ego Sum Pauper
The Road to Rouen
Song for the Lonely
Shame On You
The Time of Kissing
The Hunter
Stay-At-Home Girl
That's How The Heart Grows
Rock Me In The Cradle Of Your Love
The Art of Letting Go
O Sweetest Love
Chance Encounter
The Bannerman
Sailor Man
Romeo & Juliet
The Inner Door
Moments That Yield
Ashes & Dust

If you would like to include any of the songs on this blogsite in your repertoire, either for paid public performance or to record for commercial purposes, or if you would like to re-use the recordings attached to this blogsite for commercial purposes, contact 

Use of these songs, and/or these recordings, for non-commercial purposes, is not simply permitted but invited.

Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

The Argaman Press

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