Wednesday, October 8, 2014

That's How The Heart Grows

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A remake of Wyndham Lewis' "Workshop 1914"

You always write me letters with your perfume upon
Saying "I hold you dearer than the sun"
You stand in my doorway waiting till I come
But that's how the heart gets broken
That's how the heart grows
You want to learn my secrets, you want to probe my mind
You want to know the dark side of my life
You want to set my heartbeat next to yours as one
But that's how the heart gets broken
That's how the heart grows

Remember all the times the boys grew weary
They wanted more than just to kiss and touch
Remember all the nights your eyes grew bleary
Weeping over one you loved so much

You want to plan my future you want to bear my child
You want to walk beside me down the aisle
You want to make love perfect you won't take it as it comes
But that's how the heart gets broken
That's how the heart grows numb.

Unusually for me, the song grew out of a guitar riff that I had found, of my own invention I believe, and which I liked so much I knew it had to become a song. It was supposed to be How The Heart Grows Numb, and all the rhymes were made accordingly. But there was so much growth that I left the last word out. Until eventually I got tired of her letters and of finding her there when I came home, waiting on the doorstep for me to take her back. Eventually the growth ceased. Eventually she got all her wishes, except the last ones. Eventually the last phrase confirmed the numbness.


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Words and music by David Prashker
Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved
The Argaman Press

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