Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Dark Side Of The Light

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I saw her sitting at the bar, alone at 2am
My heart was beating like a clock, dreaming love again
I walked up to her nervously, and sat down at her side
She turned to me, and shook her head, her eyes were cyanide

I asked if she was lonely, she answered with a glare
I praised her perfect beauty, it was like she wasn’t there
I promised her eternity, upon my bended knee
She laughed and shook her head again, and then she said to me

I’m tired of your golden cities, I’m tired of your silver signs
I’m tired of lust and all mistrust and reading between the lines
She said Your love is an illusion boy, a dream of darkest night
So if you want me, take me, to the dark side of the light

Well I asked her in my suavest voice what she was doing here
Come walk with me, come talk with me, she said “You’re insincere.
Your face is full of hunger, your eyes are full of greed
You’re just trying to fill an empty night and that isn’t what I need.”

So much anger, so much pain, so much inner fear
What was I supposed to do? I offered her a beer
She drank it slowly, then a third, and it was time to close
She smiled as I paid the tab and laughing now she rose (saying…)


I could not believe I’d come to this, that I could rise this low
Being what a woman wants is difficult you know
You first put on the make-up, you then put on the mask
But she wants to see you naked and she isn’t going to ask

Now naked doesn’t mean the flesh, though that can work as well
Naked means your living soul and your breathing heart as well
So I laid them on the altar and I offered her my life
And she put her tongue against my lips and cut me like a knife (and said…)

So we stood below a lantern in the shadows of the park
The moon was full behind the clouds and very, very dark
I took her hand, I kissed her mouth, and looked at her, and sighed
Lady tell me, is this now the dark side of the light?

Honey, she said, laughing, you’ve a long, long way to go
You’re everything I need but what that is you’ll never know
Once more she looked into my eyes and held me like a trance
Saying follow if you dare to, this may be your only chance

She ran off deep into the park, no sign, no sight, no sound
I walked around for hours but she was nowhere to be found
The moon was sinking slowly, the sun was glowing red
Desire was all but vanished though its voice was in my head (saying…)


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Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

The Argaman Press

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