Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The International Zionist Conspiracy Talking Blues

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The text below includes all the verses I wrote, though there is one that I never sing, because even I find that one too offensive!

A lot of people keep telling me
About the Zionist conspiracy
It seems all Jewish boys and girls
Are planning to dominate the world
I mean really dominate it
All 12 million of them

They say the Jews control the banks
To get more money to buy more tanks 
(it’s obvious)
The higher the interest rate they charge
The sooner they'll be ready to march
On the Kremlin
On the White House
Into Brooklyn
We’ve already got an eruv around Golders Green
Today Bathurst, tomorrow the world

The Zionists aim apparently
Is to rule the world entirely
Impose upon you Jewish law
Make themselves rich while you get poor
Gonna make you all grow sidecurls
Eat bagels
Drink chicken soup

This conspiracy's been going strong
21/2 thousand years close on
Day by day more plans are laid
Year by year more progress made
21/2 thousand years of progress
Next year in Jerusalem

When this takeover takes place
We're gonna call ourselves the master race
Convert each one of you to Jews
Build ourselves a big HQ
Rule the world from Borough Park
Like we did at Auschwitz
Set the world on fire

In point of fact I think it's true
This world's already run by Jews
What with Marx and Spencer, Einstein too
Why even Jesus Christ was a Jew
Better bar him from your golf-clubs
Don't let him in your Sunday schools

Now it's easy to see why there is no peace
Among the lands of the Middle East
4 million Zionists dominate
100 million from the Arab states
I mean really dominate
25 to 1

Some people ask why all the time
About persecution the Jews do whine
The answer I will speculate
We all need somebody to hate
And the trouble is
There aren't always any gays or blacks around


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Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

The Argaman Press

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