Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Ragman

The Artist Was Bored No 265
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Here comes the ragman with his bag of bones
With his flesh like winter and his heart of stone
Don't let him touch you with his icy breath
The gifts the ragman brings bring only death
Here comes the ragman with his sores unhealed
Looking like a scarecrow in some barren field
Don't let him tempt you with his silver tongue
The knots the ragman ties can't be undone

I saw the ragman once, when I was young
His face was painted blood-red on a bomb
His hands were twisted, his lips were numb
I felt him kiss me, I backed away
He said: Don't worry, I'll get you boy one day

He doesn't give a damn if you're old or young
When you least expect him, that's when he comes
Can you smell the fever, the rotting bones
Can you see the shadow beneath the ghostly gown
Could be the ragman, come to track you down

Pity the ragman with his leper's bell
Wandering forever in his leper's hell
Handing out dying to sick and well
Carrying his burden, marked upon his breath
Only the ragman can never know of death

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Words and music by David Prashker
Copyright © 2014 David Prashker
All rights reserved
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