Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goddess of the Hearth

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She’s perfect, she’s so beautiful, her soul, her form, her mind
She’s the dream you’ve dreamed forever, that you thought you’d never find
And you long to take her home with you
And swear you’ll never part
Yet there is no goddess of the hearth
but only of the heart

The night is long, the night is warm
You touch eternity
No pair of lovers ever found
More perfect harmony
In visions of the other
Two bodies coalesce
Two hearts, two souls, two spirits
Nothing more and nothing less

But now she’s working or she’s reading
She’s deeply occupied
Locked inside her solitude
In something bona fide
Her secret self, her hidden self
The parts you’ll never chart
For there is no goddess of the hearth
but only of the heart

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Words and music by David Prashker
Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

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