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Sangre de Cristo, 2013
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I reject any suggestion that the appearance of Superstition in this blog, immediately after Ego Sum Pauper, is a strange and even ironic coincidence. I am also fully aware that one of Stevie Wonder's greatest songs has the same subject and title; I recommend this outstanding live performance (click here) and only wish I had his singing-voice, let alone his backing group, to bring out the full potential of this song, especially the Voodoo parts.

You know the men who landed on the moon
They feared not for their doom
With a rabbit’s foot and a charm around their necks
St Christopher stood guard
To see they’d come home safe and sound
That the god of their computers was not wrecked
Oh superstition it’s just superstition

Have you ever felt so sure
That you’ve been here once before
And you know it isn’t just some memory
Maybe in some former life
Or you dreamed it in the night
Or you read it in some book of psychology

For a priest it takes no time
To turn the water into wine
And if there is some trick well it’s one you cannot see
His hand moves north south east and west
And the wafer turns to flesh
You can watch it on the miracle of T.V.

Can you feel the darkness deep
Do you fear the vampire’s teeth
Trust to luck tonight he may not call
Take the Cross into your hand
Kneel down on the sand
If the heart believes the rain will surely fall

You know it’s written in the stars
Jupiter’s in line with Mars
The sun’s gone cold the end is drawing near
Any moment any time
The Messiah will arrive
Redeem your sins and save your souls from fear
Fear and superstitions away with all your superstitions

If you would like to include "Superstition" in your repertoire, either for paid public performance or to record for commercial purposes, or if you would like to re-use the recording attached to this blog-page for commercial purposes, contact 
Use of this song, and/or this recording, for non-commercial purposes, is not simply permitted but invited.

Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

The Argaman Press

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