Friday, October 3, 2014

Thank You God

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Insurance companies list all the above as "Acts of God"

Now on the morning that the boat capsized
The crew abandoned and the children died
We all said thanks  for those who had survived
But who was it sent the flood?

Thank you God for the hurricanes
The tornadoes and the earthquakes and the volcanos
Thank you for the many paths that lead to death
We’ll sing out halleluyah with our final breath

Now on the day the bomb blew up the cars
They took the limbs away in plastic jars
And we all thanked our lucky stars
And offered up our prayers to God

We said: Thank you God for the afterlife
We need it since you’ve also made the bowie knife
The phantom jet, the drone and the Kalashnikov
And all the other ways that men express their love

Now on the evening that the airplane crashed
The storm was raging and the lightning flashed
Two hundred dead and only six endured
To go to church and to thank the Lord

To endure is proof that can endorse your faith
That God really cares about the human race
Six survivors are safe and warm
But who was it sent the storm?

Thank you God for the faith we’ve kept
That even on the Sabbath day you never slept
The certainty that you respond to what Man prays
But God you sure do work in most mysterious ways!

Thank you God and let us say amen
For the constant proofs that you are with us when
The human race becomes a little bit dishevelled
But who was it made the Devil?

Thank you God, and may you live in peace
For as many as you can manage of eternities
Bring us love and comfort which is what you should
Though the evidence of history is not that good

Thank you God for the mosquito
The poisonous snake and the buffalo
The vulture and the wolf and the old pogrom
The capacity of Man to make the atom bomb

Now on the day that the fruit was eaten
And Adam and Eve knew that they were beaten
They saw that they were naked and began to shake
But who was it sent the snake?

Thank you for diseases, yeah and glory be
The testament and witness of your cruelty
The famines and the droughts and the brutality
In the image and the likeness of your majesty

Thank you God for giving us Free Will
To abandon church and synagogue and mosque as well
For the understanding that you are not there
And if you are you just don’t care

Thank you God for making Paradise
But the wars of religion are not worth the price
Please can you go back and maybe try again
And now let us say amen

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Words and music by David Prashker
Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

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