Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chasing Rainbows

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This song is promulgated on the theory that if we could bottle all the hot air politicians create, we could solve the energy crisis in one go.

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There’s a meeting in Geneva everybody’s there
Everyone who matters, everyone who cares
They’re gonna end pollution, they’re gonna sign for peace
They're gonna bring back civilisation like it was in ancient Greece (while we sing)

Run around and see if you can find the pot of gold
Reach out for the wind as though it’s something you can hold
Are your arms raised in surrender, no they’re reaching for the sun
Come on, let’s go chasing rainbows till the Messiah comes

The Chinese and the Russians are there, the Arabs and the Jews
Yes even the Americans I heard it on the news
The French of course are boycotting the English are unsure
And everyone’s giving interviews to Christiane Amanpour (while we sing)

No more global warming, that’s what they’ve agreed
No more war or famine, an end to human need
For we have all the resources and we can proudly boast
We’re doing it because it’s right and not just to win votes (and we sing)

Health for all tomorrow, an end to income tax
No these are not just rumours, they’re solid proven facts
The kings and presidents and emperors have all agreed
It’s time to make the world a better place for you and me (while we sing)

Listen to the trumpets sound, o heed those beating drums
We’re all chasing rainbows, wondering when will the Messiah come

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Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker
All right reserved
The Argaman Press

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