Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sailor Man

The Indestructibility of Beauty
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In my hand I hold the flower of my illusions
My fingers tear the veil that masks a dream
Your lips caress the heart of my confusion
My body presses closer to the flame
The night unfolds the loneliness I’m losing
Your body takes the weight of my desire
This moment love is open for our choosing
Ah now my love it’s time to risk the fire (but meanwhile)

Sailor man walks on the water
Sailor man walks on the sea
Sailor man hangs like an apple
From the branches of a broken tree
Sailor man tosses up fishes
Sailor man wins heads or tails
Sailor man hangs from the crosspole
In the morning like a ragged sail

I watch you as you kneel below my altar
And kiss the rock on which our love is built
Your tongue upon my bruise will never falter
My hand upon your scar will feel no guilt
The darkness yields like mental knots untying
Severed open by the body’s knife
The wells of love are deep and never drying
Come slake your thirst love now become my wife

Will you pluck the fruit whenever it is offered
Will you set your beauty naked unashamed
Will you take the outstretched hand when it is proffered
And feed the fire with love’s anointing flame
The moonlight frames the edges of your passion
That ebbs and flows upon me like a tide
Let every man find love each to his fashion
There are many ways of being crucified

Sailor man love’s not for preaching
Sailor man take up thy bed
Sailor man love’s more than teaching
Blessed are they who turn the word to flesh
Sailor man love’s not forbidden
Sailor man open thy breast
Sailor man take what is given
Blessed are they who turn the word to flesh

I have been accused of writing sex-songs rather than love-songs. It’s a fair criticism, but I can see no reason for making it an accusation. Does true love not express itself best in physical communion? It is what most pop songs do, using innuendo rather than speaking their desire in plain terms. I still believe Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime” was the truest love song ever written.

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Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

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