Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Never Mind The Thorns

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From the alligator river to the sea of crocodiles
The world goes on forever, 
                  miles and miles of miles and miles
Nothing’s ever simple and nobody forewarns
That you want to pluck the rose,
                  but you can’t avoid the thorns

They always stop you at the border, just this side of Paradise
You need an entry visa, and you can’t receive one twice
They say your time hasn’t come yet, go back and face the storm
Go pluck yourself a rose, and never mind the thorns

They’re singing in the galleys,  the same old Bible-black refrain
It’s the saddest sound ever, people singing in their chains
They’re dreaming of some future where it’s always safe and warm
Better go and pluck a rose, and never mind the thorns

In the battle with the angel just outside of heaven’s gate
The best that you can hope for is to end in stalemate
The odds were stacked against you, on the day that you were born
So pluck yourself a rose, and never mind the thorns

When you’re standing at the threshold, and your heart is beating fast
One step back is easy, one in front could be your last
But you’ve made yourself a promise, now you must do what you have sworn
Just pluck the rose, and never mind the thorns

Should you write the girl a letter, should you ask or should you stall?
When the cards are on the table, should you raise or should you call?
But your soul is strong and steady, though your back’s against the wall
Pluck the rose, and never mind the thorns

These wounds and scars you carry, they’re the trophies you can claim
The proof that you’ve come through, the ennobling of your name
They’re the things that folks remember when it’s time for them to mourn
How you tried to pluck the rose, and never mind the thorns

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Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

The Argaman Press

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