Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chance Encounter

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Well I met you at the casino I was gambling on the dice
And I threw a lucky seven and I claimed you for my prize
And we rode that wheel of fortune all through that long, hot night
And I nestled in the hollow of your thighs
I nestled in the hollow of your thighs

Whiter than the driven snow the colour of your dress
I could hardly wait to know the colour of your flesh
And I asked you would you let me be your bird of paradise
And nestle in the hollow of your thighs

Well we wrestled like the angel did with Jacob long ago
The movements of your body could never be too slow
All the lust I felt for you reflected in your eyes
As I nestled in the hollow of your thighs

My weight upon my elbows my head upon your breast
I breathed the long and agonising consummatum est
And stretched across your body like I had been crucified
I nestled in the hollow of your thighs

Well I did not place my money on the chance that you would stay
The odds were that my luck would not hold out till break of day
But there's just one thing I want love don't you realise
It's to nestle in the hollow of your thighs

I wrote this purely as a seduction ploy. The truth is, I only took up guitar playing because I had noticed how easily other guitar players got women into bed and I figured that there were enough tone-deaf women in the world that even I must have some likelihood of success. Music is a powerful aphrodisiac, perhaps because singing releases endorphins and that sets off a chain reaction through the body’s other chemicals. So I thought, if you’re singing to seduce a woman, you might as well be explicit and direct. The first time I tried it was for a beautiful Catholic girl, who accused me of being blasphemous, and took a taxi home.

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Words and music by David Prashker
Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

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