Friday, October 3, 2014

Wedding Song

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Underneath the canopy, standing side by side
I the perfect bridegroom, you the perfect bride
Lift your veil up slowly now, let everybody see
Underneath the canopy

Sign the wedding contract, darling, in your maiden name
Sign away the maidenhood you'll never have again
Shed the holy sacrament of your virginity
Underneath the canopy

Make your vows to Satan, or unto the Lord above
It really doesn't matter much, just make your vows to love
And honour and obey me in complete fidelity
Underneath the canopy

Proffer out your finger love, I'll place on it the ring
Speak the words you're bidden, though they do not mean a thing
Speak them loudly anyway and most sincerely
Underneath the canopy

Listen to the Rabbi, darling have you understood
Your husband is your lord & liege & master now for good
Say the words "I do" my love, you now belong to me
Underneath the canopy

Count the wedding gifts my love, count the wedding cheques
Write pretending they were more than you had dared expect
Don't forget to mention words like trust and unity
Underneath the canopy

Now the wedding's over and I take you for my wife
To be my love and comfort through the best years of my life
To cook and clean and sew and wash and bear my family
Underneath the canopy

Listen to the music love, they're playing for the bride
For that lovely little woman who is always at my side
This song is yours and always yours for all eternity
Underneath the canopy

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Words and music by David Prashker

Copyright © 2014 David Prashker

All rights reserved

The Argaman Press

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